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The Possum Bait Safe® is a uniquely designed bait station, made specifically to target only possums for efficient pest control.


The Possum Bait Safe allows for safe distributing of toxin, by excluding birds, rodents, livestock, pets etc. from accessing the bait within.


New weapon against Otago possums

Read the latest news about how the Bait Safe is helping the Otago Peninsula Biodiversity Group become pest free of possums, check out the news article posted in NZFarmer and on stuff.co.nz by clicking on the link below:

Stuff.co.nz New weapon against Otago Possums

Bruce Kyle, Otago Peninsula Biodiversity Group

The Possum Bait Safe has a unique lure concept that glows extensively at night, attracting possums from a longer distance, especially in open Farm and Tussock country, as well as in dense undergrowth.


Made in New Zealand using only high quality tested materials, the Bait Safe is made to last for long-term sustainable use. 


The Bait Safe offers a weatherproof and non-target design that keeps the bait protected inside.

This requires less labour servicing overtime, reduces bait waste from spillage, saving significant costs. 


Suitable for all users, the Possum Bait Safe can be easily topped up with any bait by opening the handle and filling. Designed as a contract tool but in use by farmers, orchards, gardeners, lifestyle owners and community groups


Are you on the map?

Community groups and individuals across NZ are making a huge contribution to predator control. Help Predator Free NZ get a handle on the scale of community effort by adding your project to the map! at www.predatorfreenz.org.nz 


We are pleased to support the endeavors by Predator Free New Zealand in partnership with Department of Conservative to remove major threats to our native wildlife and help restore New Zealand’s natural environment for many future generations by becoming pest free by year 2050.

To help contribute to this ambitious goal, we believe it is our duty and responsibility as a society to use the most effective and efficient methods of pest control that protect our native environment. In light from predators that have our native wildlife at risk of further extinction.